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Five Rivers Environmental Contracting Announce Record Turnover of £20 million

2020 - 2021 Five Rivers EOY Results


Five Rivers Environmental Contracting announce a record-breaking year which continues the trend of the business doubling in size for the fourth consecutive year. The resulting £20 million turnover for 2020/2021 is even more impressive considering the operational and economic impact of Covid-19.

“2020/2021 has been an extremely challenging year for Five Rivers, as it has been for many businesses across the UK and beyond. This achievement has only been possible with the support from our new and existing customers who ensured our works schedule was full to capacity, and our suppliers who stepped up to the mark in provisioning our programmes. To both customers and suppliers I must say thank you. The result of last year’s success is significant investment across the entire company: a workforce increase of over 50%; staff training programmes; new plant; the latest tech; and the roll out of enterprise business systems. This huge investment ensures Five Rivers can continue to deliver innovative and industry-leading solutions across a rapidly expanding portfolio of services,” says Jason Lovering, Executive Chair at Five Rivers Environmental Contracting.

Five Rivers is a leading industry specialist in the consultation, design and implementation of ecological and environmental solutions. With over 25 years’ working with nature, our expertise encompasses terrestrial and aquatic habitats with a passion for rivers and wetlands. A specialist of choice, Five Rivers delivers innovative, sensitive, and compliance-focused solutions across all sectors. Examples of services on offer include: river restoration; wetland restoration and creation; fish passage improvements; ecological mitigation; habitat translocation; monitoring; and design.

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