There’s a lot to think about when starting a new project, with costs and feasibility being just a part of the overall picture. Before your project can go ahead, it’s critical that you get the green light from a regulator; this can be achieved via a WFD assessment.

Water Framework Directive compliance assessments are typically done on developments, for which we can offer early contractor involvement, help to design and construct schemes, and work with developers to build in cost-effective WFD improvements as part of the development. Early consideration of WFD compliance is essential in ensuring your project can finish on time and on budget; what’s more, they’re a crucial element on making sure that the environment is protected.

We can undertake WFD compliance screening assessments and further assessments to ensure your project gains regulatory approval, and will also advise and design environmental mitigation for your scheme, providing services such as data searches and review of River Basin Management Plans, baseline data collection, liaison with regulatory bodies, compliance assessment and more.

If you’re seeking approval for your project and need help and guidance to obtain it, fear not: we’re here to help.

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WFD (Water Framework Directive) assessment
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What is a WFD assessment?

An abbreviation for Water Framework Directive, a WFD compliance assessment forms part of the application needed to carry out an activity in a body of water. In order to have authorisation granted, a commitment must be made to state that a project will not harm the environment. An WFD assessment is normally formed of two stages:

Stage 1: screening assessment
Stage 2: a further assessment, if identified as required from the stage 1.

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A FiveRiver specialist during a WFD assessment
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Why are WFD assessments necessary?

In accordance with the Water Framework Directive (WFD), proposed works that have the potential to impact waterbodies are required to demonstrate that the project would not result in a deterioration in ecological status and would not result in the relevant waterbodies being unable to obtain the WFD objective. This was transposed into UK law in 2003, and any scheme with the potential to reduce this status may not be permitted to go ahead. The Environment Agency, National Resources Wales, Scottish Environmental Protection Agency, Local Authorities and Drainage Boards are all required to ensure that any proposals granted permission to go ahead must meet WFD compliance.

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As members of the CIEEM, FiveRivers provide WFD assessments to the highest standards
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Why should I choose Five Rivers for my WFD assessment?

The WFD assessments are multi-faceted, requiring a strong understanding of aquatic ecology, hydro-geomorphology, hydrology and water quality – fortunately, our multi-disciplinary teams are experienced in assessing schemes to support planning applications through to FRAPs across the UK. Our in-house design team is able to support on embedding environmental mitigation into a scheme. We are members of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM), meaning we adhere to the highest standards of practice for the benefit of nature and society.

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