Highest Standard Regulatory Water Quality Monitoring

Water is one of the most vital resources on earth – which is why we need to do what we can to protect it

Not only does it sustain life, but water also provides a home for countless wildlife species essential to the healthy functioning of our ecosystems. However, even a small amount of pollution can cause large-scale damage to habitats such as streams, rivers and lakes, and quite often this is the fault of mankind.

We at FiveRivers acknowledge that humans have a serious responsibility to care for the aquatic environment, which is why we offer services such as water quality monitoring and water quality sampling throughout the whole of the UK. Our water quality monitoring is tailored to meet project-specific requirements and can range from one-off investigations following a pollution incident to catchment-scale water quality monitoring programmes over extended periods.

FiveRivers possess the latest industry-standard water quality sampling equipment and boats which enable us to undertake water quality monitoring in a range of waterbodies across the country. We have strategic partnerships with UKAS-accredited laboratories which ensures that water quality samples are analysed using cutting-edge equipment and the best available techniques to produce high quality data for our clients.

We’re here to help you make positive improvements to water bodies, with specialist investigations and programme design being a routine part of what we do.

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What is water quality monitoring?

Quite simply, water quality monitoring is summarised in its name – we gather surface water samples, which are then sent off to UKAS-accredited laboratories to be tested. We also collect a range of in-field measurements, all collected digitally.

There are ever-increasing legislative demands related to water quality, which in turn present significant cost implications and enforcement issues.

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How to monitor water quality?

The process for water quality monitoring is quite straightforward, but requires that all work is carried out to the standards set by the Regulators.

Bottles of high-quality, uncontaminated water are collected from a range of surface waterbodies before being transported to a laboratory, where they are then analysed for a wide variety of determinands such as nutrients, biological oxygen demand, E.coli, pesticides and herbicides, metals, and microbiological indicator organisms, dependant on the client’s requirements.

We also use the latest in portable sonde technology to collect in field measurements, all saved in real time to our centralised geodatabase.

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Water quality is important for both wildlife and human health
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Why is water quality monitoring important?

Water quality monitoring can tell us a lot about the condition of water bodies, including whether pollutants or contaminants have the potential to impact wildlife or human health. Understanding the quality of water enables us to learn more about this most valuable of resources, and can ensure that the wildlife which depends on it can survive.

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