January - June 2022 FUSION JV

FiveRivers was contracted by FUSION JV, on behalf of HS2, to undertake feasibility and physical translocation of 0.43ha of designated marshland habitat (local wildlife site) to prevent its damage and loss during the construction of the main works. FiveRivers used specialised plant and attachments to cut, transport and lay turfs within a designated receptor site, which we had lowered to create a suitable similar habitat location.


0.43ha of marshland translocated


2084m2 of area surrounding the receptor site seeded with wildflower mix.

Project requirements


To translocate 4300m2 of designated marshland habitat and prevent its loss as a result of the construction of the HS2 rail line.


Our approach

Key remarks

Works were carried out under schedule 17 and 33 consents. We used our low ground pressure excavators with bespoke turfing buckets to cut, transport and relay the marshland in circa 2m2 turfs. To allow access into the marsh and prevent damage occurring to the donor site, receptor site and along the tracking route, all plant movements were carried out on hardwood trackway.

We created ephemeral ponds and wildlife refugia within the receptor site to attract flora and fauna.

Project outcomes


All works were completed on schedule within an eight-week period. All available marshland was successfully translocated, and additional ephemeral habitat was created in the space left over in the receptor site. Additional space was generated due to the partial shrinkage of turfs during translocation. Ongoing monitoring and maintenance programs will ascertain whether marshland habitats migrate into the ephemeral ponds created over the next 3-5 years. The translocation itself has a 15-year maintenance regime to ensure its success.

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