Tree planting is something we all should be working towards: a world where trees can grow, thrive and sustain us.

The environment has suffered a phenomenal loss of forests over the past few decades, but businesses are finally starting to recognise the role they play in reversing this negative impact. Tree planting is one of the most easily-understood and universally-accessible ways for businesses to make a positive impact – and it’s also one of our key services.

Here at FiveRivers, environmental improvements are in our nature. We understand how valuable woodlands are to a variety of habitats, and we believe that more should be done to protect the wildlife which reside within these important spaces. It’s for this reason that we’re proud to boast an in-house woodland management team who are dedicated to improving the environment, with tree planting being just one element of the fantastic work that they do.

Our tree planting service can benefit your business or project, no matter where in the UK you’re based.

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How does tree planting work?

Tree planting is quite self-explanatory, but requires more than a little work! Our tree planting specialists select the right species for the location; this will depend on ground conditions, shade and/or sun, and potential exposure to weather. Once this selection is done, we proceed to manually dig a pit, backfill it with soil, then guard or stake the tree, depending on its size. Finally, our tree planting specialists mulch around the tree to retain moisture.

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Tree planting as a service
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Are there any restrictions around tree planting?

It’s important to acknowledge that trees cannot be planted just anywhere: there are restrictions as to which areas are right for planting, or which trees have been selected for planning based on SSSI or conservation restrictions in the area. These will all come in to play when selecting the right species, and of course the right time of year to be planting trees – the dormant season (late winter to early spring) is the best tree planting season for your chance of success.

Additionally, certain species of tree can only be planted in certain places – in fact, some habitats will be degraded if unsuitable species are planted in the wrong place. Another example of when trees should not be planted is when the habitat itself is more valuable than the trees, i.e on a mire.

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Who would benefit from tree planting services?

Anybody could benefit from our tree planting services, be that a household client enjoying a newly-planted tree in the garden, or a commercial client with a carbon-offsetting scheme in mind. Trees offer various benefits to the environment, including shading, habitat creation and water table monitoring. There are recreational reasons to plant trees, too, as they make lovely focal points in open areas such as parts or development sites. Finally, your project’s planning permission may dictate that trees are planted in order to meet conditions – if any of these points sound familiar, reach out to us today.

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