Fish Surveys

Fish surveys enable us to safely monitor fish populations in rivers, lakes and other bodies of water. Using appropriate methods – including seine netting, redd counting, electric fishing, fyke netting, hydroacoustic surveys and eDNA we assess fish age, species, abundance and density to give a robust assessment of the present fish  populations. Once the survey is completed, the fish return to the water unharmed. 

Working with clients across the UK, FiveRivers plan and manage projects that require current fish population data to inform environmental assessments, water resources planning and strategy, Invasive Non-Native Species (INNS) management and wider environmental management. 

 We can work with you to ensure that fish survey design and data outputs are fit for purpose, providing a robust and cost-effective snapshot of a fish community. Our expertise in fish surveys ensures that our data meets all industry best practice and regulatory requirements.  

5R team during the fish survey process
The Problems

Fish Population

Highly specialised survey techniques are required to understand fish species and numbers. Our clients require scientifically robust fish population surveys for varied reasons: 

  • to assess the conversation status of designated fish species, particularly in SAC rivers. 
  • to inform water resources planning; fish are an excellent bio-indicator of river health. 
  • to collect data on populations to feed into Ecological Impact Assessments for development schemes. 
  • pre- and post-project appraisals to assess any positive or negative impacts. 
  • to aid localised investigations to help identify problems affecting fish, such as migration barriers or point source pollution. 
  • population assessment to inform fishery management, particularly in still waters. 
Fish survey techniques
The Solutions

Bespoke Solutions

At FiveRivers, we’re specialists in the design and delivery of fish surveys to assess fish populations and communities in freshwater and estuarine habitats. Our fish survey experts have a monitoring or survey solution for all habitat types and species – whether your project driver is baseline assessment, pollution investigation or regulatory compliance, our team are here to advise. 

 Our fish survey services comply with Water Framework Directive (WFD) methodology, guaranteeing reliability and comparability with Environment Agency data sets on fisheries communities, if required. As a nationally-respected company known for our high-quality services and competitive prices, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands with FiveRivers. 

Tom Grayling - Director of Monitoring and Natural Capital at FiveRivers (5R)

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