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The protection of our natural world is critical to our survival on this planet. Ecological mitigation are actions that are undertaken to prevent loss of biodiversity or harm to species and habitats during the course of a project, or actions that create new opportunities for species as a result of habitat loss elsewhere. Our environmental consultants have years of experience in providing effective ecological mitigation services to varying clients and development projects.

Avoiding damage to the natural world and increasing biodiversity, where possible, is key to limiting the impact that we have on the world around us. It’s the responsibility of all individuals, governments and industries to ensure that the ecological footprint we leave behind us is as small as possible. Ecological mitigation plays an important role in this process as it helps to prevent loss of biodiversity or harm to species and habitats during the course of a project.

FiveRivers are specialists in ecological mitigation services, ranging from habitat creation and translocation right through to species translocation. Our ecological mitigation efforts have been applied across a multitude of projects and were designed to alleviate any harm which could come to the unique habitats and ecosystems found within the UK. If your project or development has the potential to impact wildlife or habitats, we’re here to help minimise that risk by providing effective ecological mitigation services. 

Ecological mitigation is likely to play a role in your development scheme. We can provide expert advice on matters such as ecological compensation, ecological enhancement and biodiversity net gain. Our skilled ecological mitigation team will ensure that all ecological mitigation works are carried out in a timely and cost-effective manner, but it’s our company-wide commitment to the natural capital and nature based solutions that sets us apart. 

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Providing habitat translocation services, including turf translocation, woodland soil translocation (often specific to ancient woodlands) and hedgerow and tree translocation.

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We are dedicated to creating wetlands with the wider environment in mind and can undertake the whole package of creation services from monitoring and upfront ecological surveys through design and feasibility to construction.

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Hibernacula creation as a service refers to the creation of habitat for reptiles and amphibians.

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We source and plant a range of native tree species.

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