Energy & Renewables

Significant investment is being made in the UK in the energy and renewables sector to source more renewable forms of energy and store and transport it to new areas.

FiveRivers bring our specialist expertise to the sector by providing environmental monitoring, nature-based design and construction of biodiverse schemes to assist clients deliver new projects and ensure existing infrastructure is not at risk.

Common challenges and requirements of projects include:

  • Environmental monitoring requirements for baseline data for HRA, WFD and other reporting requirements for planning permissions and statutory consents
  • Biodiversity net gain calculations and assessments, including RCA, to inform mitigation and habitat improvements.
  • Terrestrial and Aquatic ecology mitigation and surveys to enable construction or to reduce the risk of projects delivery.
  • Requirement for specialist aquatic compensatory habitat or mitigation for development that cannot be completed to the standard required through traditional design and construction delivery suppliers
  • A lack of environmental and ecological understanding, specifically in the water environment, can often lead to a last minute rush to ensure legislative compliance, almost always increasing project costs and risk of programme creep
  • Natural processes putting assets at risk and destabilising important utility infrastructure

At FiveRivers we find a solution for your problem. Using our experience in the water and infrastructure sectors, having successfully delivered multi-year schemes, we can:

  • Undertake monitoring to produce data for reporting including HRA, WFD and RCA assessments.
  • We can create bespoke schemes and programmes of monitoring to produce water quality and hydrometry and telemetry data
  • Undertake terrestrial and aquatic ecology for species presence and absence
  • Design and construct asset protection to stabilise or prevent river erosion from affecting utility services
  • Design and construct river restoration and wetland habitat mitigation and improvement schemes
  • Undertake Habitat translocation, to make way for asset installation. E.g. hedgerow, turf and woodland soil translocation

These services are offered by our in-house team of experts with experience completing and supporting clients on multi-million pound schemes.

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We’re able to work with you ahead of the project launch, offering expert advice on design processes, buildability, consenting and budget construction costs to help reduce risk on your scheme.

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We provide our clients with the information they need for a range of environmental assessments, permit monitoring and compliance schemes, or to evaluate the performance of a habitat management or restoration scheme.

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We can provide a full suite of habitat improvement and ecological design services, from initial concept/scoping and topographic site surveys through to the production of reporting and detailed drawings in both 2D and 3D.

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FiveRivers are specialists in ecological mitigation services, ranging from habitat creation and translocation right through to species translocation.

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