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The Environment Act 2021 outlines that all new developments must mitigate for loss or damage to habitat by delivering at least 10% biodiversity net gain, leaving the environment in a measurably better condition than before.

As an environmental consultant, FiveRivers has been supporting developers with the delivery of environmental improvements and nature-based solutions for over 25 years. We are specialists in Environmental Planning and Environmental Development and our full list of environmental services includes:

Frequent challenges faced by development include:

  • The legislative framework for land management and the environment is complex and rapidly evolving. We are seeing changes to land management subsidies and the implementation of schemes such as mandatory biodiversity net gain and nutrient neutrality.
  • The changing requirement for the environment and ecological habitats within developments can be difficult to understand and navigate when submitting planning and other statutory consents.
  • The appreciation and valuation of our natural capital is becoming more important, and new funding streams are becoming available for delivery of nature-based solutions. Understanding what is possible and taking advantage of funding can be challenging.
  • A lack of environmental and ecological understanding can often lead to a last minute rush to ensure legislative compliance, almost always increasing project costs.

FiveRivers is an UK-based environmental consultant with experienced environmental and ecological specialists. We can be your environmental business partner and assist in driving your project forwards. The key to a successful project is to engage with us early on within the planning and development stages of your scheme.

Our experienced environmental team can support you at any stage of your project, from initial scoping and base line environmental surveys through the design and construction phases, ensuring all your planning conditions are met. We can also help you navigate the rapidly evolving environmental frameworks, not just mitigating risks but also highlighting opportunities and developing suitable cost effective environmental solutions.

FiveRivers has proven results undertaking environmental monitoring, ecological design and construction on schemes working with Avison Young, Talyor Wimpey and Rydon Group to name a few.

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We’re able to work with you ahead of the project launch, offering expert advice on design processes, buildability, consenting and budget construction costs to help reduce risk on your scheme.

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Sustainable Drainage Solutions can also be used to prevent overwhelming close to full capacity sewerage systems and forcing combined sewage overflows (CSO’s) to discharge both storm water and sewerage into waterways.

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Our expertise in wetlands includes restoring naturalised wetlands for sediment capture and biodiversity improvements in river catchments.

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The purpose of the NN mitigation measures is to avoid impacts to the designated sites, rather than compensating for the impacts once they have occurred.

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We can support in identifying and delivering the best solution for your project. We can undertake the initial terrestrial and aquatic ecological surveys and BNG baseline assessments

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