Wetland Creation

Wetlands are the bridge between terrestrial and aquatic habitats, and are extremely important to the survival of countless wildlife species.  wetlands  serve as habitat for invertebrates, animals and amphibians to eat, rest, breed and, ultimately, play their role in maintaining this vital ecosystems.

At FiveRivers we are dedicated to creating wetlands with the wider environment in mind and can undertake the whole package of creation services from monitoring and upfront ecological surveys through design and feasibility to construction. Projects to create wetlands we have undertaken in the past include; feasibility of constructed wetlands for nutrient neutrality; naturalised sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDS) to slow run off from urban developments, design and construction of wetlands to reduce and an compensate for flood risk improvements;  creation of wetlands as mitigation for development for species such as great crested newts, otter and Water voles and access improvements for amenity and wellbeing interests.

We have diverse clients for our wetland creation services, including those seeking to create  a wetland habitat for personal enjoyment to nationally important infrastructure schemes mitigating for habitat loss as part of the scheme. As wetland specialists, we are well-placed to guide you on any aspect of pond and lake creation and conservation.

The Problems

90% of the UK’s Wetlands Lost

There are a number of reasons why our expertise in wetland creation may be required:

  • 90% of the UK’s wetlands have been lost in the last hundred years. Wetlands are not only biodiversity hotspots; they are some of our best natural capital assets. They store and filter water and are also exceptional at absorbing and locking away carbon – helping us fight climate change.
  • a developer may need to create wetland habitats as part of their ecological mitigation plan for Biodiversity net gain where wetland habitat will be impacted by the planned development of the site. Currently this is being carried out off-site as part of initiatives such as the great crested newt district level licensing scheme but may change with BNG changes.
  • there may be a requirement for a developer to offset their nutrient loading as part of the conditions of their development site. Wetlands are one technique to create credits to offset the increases of Phosphorus and nitrate.

Urban development has increased the rainfall runoff into rivers and historic drainage systems  which has had an impact on the severity and intensity of flood risk during times of peak rainfall and high flow events.  SUDS along with Natural flood management and other low impact works can have a significant impact on these events.

The Solutions

Design, Build, Monitoring

FiveRivers is a one-stop shop for your wetland creation project, whether you’re looking for monitoring or design services for a habitat wetland scheme or to work with us from concept through to construction on a constructed wetland for a nutrient neutrality scheme our extensive experience in this field enables us to offer our clients a comprehensive service always looking for innovative to deliver a nature-based solution to meet your budget and project requirement.

Luke Roberts - Design & Construction General Manager at FiveRivers (5R)

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