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At FiveRivers we are specialists at using nature and our natural resources as an asset to assist in protecting and enhancing Natural capital through delivery of our Nature-Based Solutions.

As Natural Capital specialists, we want to bring our knowledge, skills and experience to your own natural capital project. Developing a positive approach to natural capital is getting more and more important to businesses as they seek to position themselves to manage the growing range of environmental issues. By assessing your natural capital, we can help you make better business decisions, meet regulatory targets, and improve your environmental and social impact.

The existence of all species, including our own, is dependent on our ecosystems and the resources they provide. The varying benefits for people from Natural Capital are known as ‘ecosystem services’.

Working with nature, Nature-Based Solutions increase the value of our Natural Capital, which in turn creates flow into Ecosystem Services which are the many and varied ways that humans benefit from the natural environment (wellbeing, food, water, society wellbeing).

Whilst the environment legislation and regulatory requirements have changed FiveRivers haven’t, we have been delivering Nature-Based Solutions, working with nature and it processes to increase the value of your Natural Capital for over 25-years, before the terms and wide scale recognition of the biodiversity existed.

As natural capital specialists, we understand the need for a sustainable future. Our shift to a Natural Capital perspective comes at a critical time when our environment, ecosystems and biodiversity are now recognised as being in a poor state and the value of the Natural Capital they provide significantly reduced.

FiveRivers not only delivered, but excelled with their hardworking, can do, collaborative work ethic.
Simon Russell, Project Director LMJV

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