Water Projects - the Water sector is a key client for FiveRivers

Water Projects

Simply put, water sustains all life, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to water projects.

The Water sector is a key client for FiveRivers and we have been supporting water companies with nature-based solutions, to fulfil their statutory obligations, as part of their operations through the last two asset management periods (AMP). As natural capital specialists, our aim is to bring our knowledge, skills and experience to the water companies and support their own natural capital projects.

 Our service provision includes: 

Our water clients face issues with natural process, historic mismanagement, pollution, urbanisation and climate change as they operate in an ever changing landscape that requires them to maintain our Natural Capital.

As natural capital specialists, we monitor, design and construct projects in the water environment and have done for the last 25 years. We deliver innovative nature-based solutions through investing, protecting and enhancing our natural capital, and pride ourselves on our ability to be a on stop shop for your water project. Our team of natural capital specialists will be happy to share our passion for the water environment with you.

Our areas of expertise are wide-ranging — from programmes of ecological surveys  to inform HRA assessments of large scale resource development projects and drought mitigation, to the construction of river restoration schemes and naturalised fish passes to improve ecological function and resilience on the UK’s largest river systems.

As a leading natural capital specialists within the UK, nature-based solutions are a priority for us but, we always keep our clients’ needs in mind. Challenging and working closely with them, we make sure that the solution is the best available within the means available. Whether we’re figuring out how to ensure the tightest of biosecurity measures to enable European eel capture and release from reservoirs, designing a solution to improve habitat availability and resilience on WINEP schemes, or constructing a naturalised fish pass to improve habitat connectivity, our solutions always consider nature-based solutions over the alternative, are constructible and allow for flexibility and adaptability during the project lifecycle.

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We’re able to work with you ahead of the project launch, offering expert advice on design processes, buildability, consenting and budget construction costs to help reduce risk on your scheme.

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We provide our clients with the information they need for a range of environmental assessments, permit monitoring and compliance schemes, or to evaluate the performance of a habitat management or restoration scheme.

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We’re proud to provide full fish passage creation service, including design, installation and monitoring. 

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FiveRivers are specialists in ecological mitigation services, ranging from habitat creation and translocation right through to species translocation.

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