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Hydrometry & Telemetry

Hydrometry is the monitoring of the components of the hydrological cycle including river flow, rainfall and groundwater. Telemetry, on the other hand, refers to the collection of these measurements and their automatic transmission to receiving equipment to collect realtime data. 

Our specialists at FiveRivers deliver hydrometry and telemetry projects of any scale, from long-term monitoring for large infrastructure schemes to standalone measurements to supplement ecological assessments. For complex hydrometry and telemetry projects, we offer a multi-disciplinary service and are able to deploy aquatic ecologists, hydrogeomorphologists and designers, allowing us to present a cohesive and cost-effective approach to data collection, design and consultancy solutions. 

 We offer our hydrometry and telemetry services to a range of clients including environmental/engineering consultants, water companies and environmental regulators. 

The Problems

Managing Waterbodies

Hydrometry data and the associated telemetry is used in many facets of environmental monitoring. Providing clients with this invaluable hydrometry data informs and clarifies important decisions. We at FiveRivers know that ‘Data is King’, and that without reliable, quality hydrometry data, our jobs – and your project – would be impossible to carry out. 

 For example, without accurate and timely data on water flows and chemistry it is very difficult to effectively manage and regulate activities affecting our waterbodies. The collection of this data requires specialist training and equipment, and significant logistical experience when carried out at catchment scale. Traditional spot sampling for water chemistry and flows provides an accurate snapshot, but large gaps in data remain between sampling visits. With the latest generation of continuous monitoring devices, FiveRivers can deliver real-time information to your phone or computer for 24 hours a day. 

Measurements are taken using calibrated quality instrumentation by experienced Five Rivers staff
The Solutions

Real Time Data

Regardless of what hydrometry or telemetry service is required, we can tailor bespoke solutions using the most appropriate methods and equipment to fit your budget and requirements. Measurements are taken using calibrated quality instrumentation by experienced FiveRivers staff, this ensures that all readings are of the highest possible accuracy. A multitude of tools are used for monitoring, including open channel flow meters, Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs) and telemetered loggers. 

 Each hydrometry project we take on is scrutinised to establish which equipment is suitable and to ensure that the results generated follow industry best practice to the exacting standards required by the regulatory bodies. 

Tom Grayling - Director of Monitoring and Natural Capital at FiveRivers (5R)

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