FiveRivers offers wetland restoration services, from design and monitoring through to construction

Outline & Detailed Design

Innovative design to provide nature-based solutions for suitable and sustainable natural capital improvements are at the core of what FiveRivers do. In every project design we undertake, we strive to create and improve the habitat using our extensive construction experience to deliver a scheme that considers buildability from first concept. 

Outline designs take the information gathered in our feasibility and options appraisal reporting and create landscape plans and more detailed cross-sections and plan views, to give detail and context your  bring your project to life.  

Following approval, we take the outline design to detailed design, improving on the scale, detail and accuracy of the design outputs whilst including relevant information required under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015). If required, we can also produce reports at each stage, justifying and rationalising our design decisions as well as providing invaluable information on ecology, heritage and other project risks and opportunities. 

Outline design and detailed design services
The Problems

Project Feasibility

  • Landowners or organisations approach the FiveRivers design team with a problem, or a concept for improvement. We then work with the client to produce designs to the appropriate level of detail that deal with the issue in hand or improve the natural capital of a site. 
  • Designs are important engagement and visualisation tools in the planning stages for schemes as well as way of recording important site information and decision making behind options development and selection. They are also required for environmental permitting, planning permissions and to allow pricing and ultimately delivery of physical works. The level of detail required can vary greatly. We work to deliver a design package that facilitates successful project delivery, while keeping costs to a minimum. 
  • Risk management is key, especially on smaller environmental projects where budgets are often constrained. Our team will factor in risk at all stages of the project, from design through to construction, ending with the ongoing use and maintenance of the site.  All relevant regulations are factored in, ensuring the client is informed and protected during the design process. 
The Solutions

Buildable Designs

At FiveRivers, we are proud to have a long history and track record of successful project design and delivery. Our collective construction experience informs our design ideas. This means that when designing from concept, we ensure deliverable projects with appropriate consideration of their construction limitations and opportunities– something that others may not consider until contractors are brought in to undertake ECI in the  detailed design stages. 

 Our experts will work with you to understand exactly what is required as part of the design process for your project, including undertaking any additional survey work, data collection and hydraulic modelling to inform designs. We will also highlight any environmental permitting, ecological licencing and planning requirements and, if required, undertake these on your behalf.  

By incorporating our in-house contracting team within the design process, we ensure buildability is factored in at all stages, and can also provide you with construction estimates throughout to inform budgeting/ funding for the scheme. Where required, our experienced team can and have taken on the role of Principal Designer under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015. 

Luke Roberts - Design & Construction General Manager at FiveRivers (5R)

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