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Wet Civil Engineering

Experts in Delivering Sustainable Solutions

FiveRivers has over 25-years’ experience working in, on, with and next to water so when it comes to civil engineering and water, we are experts in delivering sustainable solutions.

While we would recommend delivering soft solutions, we appreciate that this isn’t always possible, so we’ve developed a team of designers who can meet your needs through early contractor involvement (ECI) and concept to detailed designs. Our construction team comes with over 25-years’ experience delivering soft and hard engineered solutions in water, from sheet piling to fish passes. Wet civil engineering involves construction and maintenance in or near water bodies like rivers, wetlands, and coastal areas, ensuring environmentally sustainable and compliant solutions. 

FiveRivers team during a wet civil engineering project
The Problems

Project Complexity

We find the problems often associated with a wet civil engineering project are significant and multifaceted. One major issue is the environmental impact, which could involve disrupting local ecosystems. Additionally, navigating complex regulations presents a substantial challenge. It is also essential to assess the technical feasibility of the project thoroughly. Ensuring sustainability in construction is another crucial concern. Moreover, managing water during construction to prevent degradation is a critical aspect that must be addressed.

The solutions

Wet Civil Engineering

As wet civil engineering experts, FiveRivers can provide you with a solution – from sheet piling to hard engineering fish passes. We understand the complexities with permits, licensing and environmental hazards that come with concrete and water. Our solutions involve:

  • Site Assessment and Planning: Conducting Environmental Impact Assessments, feasibility studies, and securing permits.
  • Design: Developing sustainable and detailed designs.
  • Project Management: Creating comprehensive plans and engaging stakeholders, supported by our HSQE team to deliver risk assessment throughout the process.
  • Construction and Implementation: Using specialised equipment and expert teams to minimise environmental impact.
  • Monitoring and Maintenance: Ensuring projects meet standards, health and safety protocol and providing ongoing maintenance.
  • Ecological Restoration and Enhancement: Restoring habitats and enhancing biodiversity.

Our key services include river restoration, wetland creation, fish passage construction, and flood management. At FiveRivers, we are committed to ecological integrity, sustainability, and regulatory compliance, leveraging our expertise in civil engineering and environmental conservation. 

Luke Roberts - Design & Construction General Manager at FiveRivers (5R)

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