Ecological Mitigation

Ecological Mitigation

Ecological Mitigation is an essential part of development schemes where a protected species or habitats are present. Our specialists are able to provide expert advice on Ecological Mitigation, Biodiversity Gain, Ecological Compensation, and Ecological Enhancement. We ensure works are carried out quickly and effectively to ensure minimal delay to your project. We provide specialist enabling works such as river re-alignments and Habitat translocation for construction projects and infrastructure schemes. Each site and project is unique and we draw on our ecological and contracting knowledge to ensure our clients get the best possible product and value for money.

pond mitigation

Pond creation to mitigate for loss of Great Crested Newt habitat

Ponds and Wetlands

Mitigation works requires careful thought and planning, with particular attention required for protected species and associated habitats such as;

  • Great Crested Newts (GCN)
  • Desmoulins whorl snail
  • Water voles

We offer pond design and pond construction using specialist liners or clay. There is often a requirement to enhance an existing pond to improve habitat; we can advise on the best course of action for this. We provide a full range of native aquatic and marginal plants to ensure ponds establish as quickly as possible. We are also able to provide fish rescues and fish removals, including liaison with regulatory bodies.

Ecological mitigation on wetland sites is complex, and a bespoke solution is often required. By understanding hydro-ecology we ensure any wetland mitigation or wetland compensation is based on sound scientific evidence and fit for purpose.

Translocation of rare plant species

Translocation of rare plant species

Habitat Translocation

Habitat translocation can be an effective and sustainable solution to retaining important habitats that may otherwise be lost though development. The scale of habitat translocation project varies considerably, ranging from moving individual plants (e.g. Orchid translocation) to several hectares of grassland. Common requirements are: Grassland translocation, hedge translocation, tree translocation, wetland vegetation translocation.

turf cutting

We have a range of specialist turf cutting and lifting attachments to cover all eventualities

Grassland Translocation

Grassland translocation, sometimes referred to as turf translocation can be a vital tool for developers on sites where species rich grasslands are present. Our specialist equipment allows for translocation of all grassland and heathland; essential for mitigation within development sites. We prepare receptor sites, translocate turfs from the donor site and reinstate the donor site as required. We have experience of translocating acid grassland, calcareous grassland and wet grasslands. Each requires a different and tailored approach; we are able to advise on the most suitable and cost effective method for each site. We also provide grassland management services for previously translocated areas.

wetland mitigation

We offer a full suite of river mitigation services


We can provide you with a full suite of mitigation options for works potentially affecting watercourses including rivers, streams and ditches. River mitigation and river compensation works can encompass the wide range of methods and techniques we have perfected since the mid 1990’s. See our Rivers and Wetland area for more details.
A development may require one or a series of river re-alignments, we can provide you with design, construction and liaison with regulatory bodies. We have in house capability to carry out fish rescues, fish removals and fish translocations providing cost and time savings.

Water Framework Directive (WFD) Compliance Assessments are required for projects with potential to affect a water bodies ecological status as defined by Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC. At certain designated sites (SAC, RAMSAR, SPA) a Habitat Regulation Assessment (HRA) may be required.

protection of wildlife

Log pile hibernacula at the London Olympic site

Species Mitigation

Individual species or groups of species require specific mitigation and compensation works. We provide the following services:

  • Design and construction of artificial badger setts
  • Bat box installation, bird box installation
  • Design and construction of artificial otter holts and otter pass installation
  • Great crested newt (GCN) habitat creation – see Ponds/Wetlands
  • Design and installation of habitat piles and hibernacula to benefit amphibians, reptiles, small mammals and invertebrates
  • Water vole displacement and water vole translocation

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