Habitat Management

Habitat Management

With our contracting and ecological experience, we have a proven track record in providing cost effective and long lasting habitat management services across the United Kingdom. Our staff are passionate about sustainable management and restoration of habitats whether they are Heathland, Grassland, Woodland, Wetland or Riverine.

We have particular experience of working in designated areas, such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and Special Areas of Conservation (SAC), which often require a sensitive approach to management. Our specialist low ground pressure plant has been specially modified to work in highly sensitive areas.

At Five Rivers we have knowledge and experience of habitat creation, habitat restoration, habitat management and habitat translocation across a diverse range of common and internationally rare habitats.

Our knowledge of the environment, ecosystems and conservation allows us to provide Habitat management plans for woodlands, ponds, rivers, lakes, grassland and healthland.

woodland management

All operatives have relevant NPTC qualifications with up to date refresher training

Woodland Management

Woodlands are extremely valuable habitats for a spectacular variety of wildlife and this is particularly true of ancient woodland, which provides habitats for more wildlife than any other landscape. Five Rivers has extensive experience of providing ecological contracting in woodland, in both woodland management and woodlands creation all across the UK and offers the following tree planting, felling, coppicing, pollarding, ride and glade creation. We have in house tree climbers ensuring projects can be completed in house without reliance on sub-contractors.

Heathland Management

Heaths, especially lowland heathland are rare in the United Kingdom and support a range specialist flora and fauna. Heathland is a declining and vulnerable habitat; many sites are protected nationally and internationally as SSSIs or SACs. Many heathland habitats are the result of historic management, and without on-going management many would revert to scrub or woodland over time. We provide heathland management advise and carry out ecological contracting works including: scrub clearance and clearance of natural regeneration.

heathland management

Skilled operatives clearing natural regeneration using brush cutters and chainsaw in the New Forest National Park

Grassland Management

Semi-natural grassland habitats are diverse and unique but are often subject to inappropriate management or neglect. Five Rivers has extensive experience managing, restoring and creating grassland habitats within the south of England, particularly within the New Forest and Dorset. Specialist techniques and machinery are required to manage these delicate habitats and Five Rivers offers the following services: grassland creation, grassland restoration, grassland management, grassland translocation. We offer a complete service of ground preparation, grassland seeding and annual management tailored to the specific site requirements. Seed provenance can be important and brush harvesting is used for the collection of grassland, wildflower and heathland seeds. We specialise in grassland translocation for development sites, and also provide on-going management.

Wetland Management

Wetlands and mires are particularly important habitats within any catchment: they support a wide variety of unique flora and fauna and are considered the most biologically diverse of all ecosystems. Wetlands also provide important ecosystem services including: water purification, natural flood control, and amenity. We have worked on a variety of wetland creation and wetland restoration projects and have particular experience in the control of water levels using water control structures. Alongside wetlands we also provide restoration and management of water meadow systems including control structures such as hatches.

wetland management

Wetland habitat management works

River Management

Five Rivers are probably best known for their river works, we have been at the forefront of river management and river restoration since the mid-1990s. Our knowledge of rivers and associated habitats mean we can provide our clients with a full range of river management and riparian management services. We regularly carry out structural improvements, fish passage improvements, river habitat creation and plant and invasive species control. For more details of our river services see our Rivers and Wetland area.

Pond & Lake Management

As well as the design and construction of ponds and lakes we provide a full range of pond and lake management services. Services include vegetation removal, de-silting, aquatic and marginal plant installation, pond re-lining, water control structures, and improving access. We have designed and installed numerous bridges and platforms to increase engagement with water features.

Habitat restoration, habitat management and habitat creation often form part of the mitigation required for construction and development sites. For our habitat and ecological mitigation services see Ecological Mitigation

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