Water Sampling

water quality monitoring

Water quality testing on the River Thames

We provide a range of water quality monitoring services, including lake water sampling and river water sampling.

Unpolluted water is essential for freshwater wildlife to survive. A small amount of pollution can cause large scale damage to habitats like streams, rivers and lakes, affecting sensitive plants and animals.

Humans can have a massive effect on natural habitats and cause a wide variety of pollutants to infiltrate the water system, like pesticides, metals and oil.
Through sampling and analysis of water, it helps to identify water quality. Key areas to monitor are:

  • Dissolved Oxygen Levels
  • Bacteria
  • Nutrients
  • Temperature
  • pH Levels

For example, water temperature affects the quantity of oxygen that water is able to contain. Oxygen dissolves more easily in cooler water, so you’ll see the concentration of dissolved oxygen decrease as temperature increases. Small changes in temperature caused by human activity will have an impact on the wildlife. Low levels of dissolved oxygen can cause stress to aquatic life and in extreme cases result in fish dying.

Sample, Test & Monitoring Services

Our team of specialist ecologists, take time and care in sampling these habitats for water quality as part of our environmental monitoring services. It’s important that we determine the environmental conditions of freshwater habitats.

Effective water sampling and analysis form part of routine monitoring, specialist investigations and pollution investigations. It will also help in the designing of an effective water quality monitoring programme. This will give you an opportunity to undergo continual improvement management on a stream or river’s water quality.

At Five Rivers Environmental Contracting, we follow industry standard methodologies, and all field measurements are taken with a fully calibrated YSI water quality meters.

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