Our Natural Capital team has had an incredibly busy two weeks, brimming with exciting new projects to support our clients. We’ve initiated Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) assessments and River Condition Surveys, which are crucial for evaluating and enhancing the ecological value of various sites to support new developments. Alongside these, we’ve tackled major wetland feasibility studies, ensuring the viability and sustainability of our upcoming projects. Our efforts are focused on making a positive environmental impact while navigating a demanding schedule filled with diverse and meaningful work.

FiveRivers offers expert services in scoping and designing solutions within designated boundaries. Nutrient Neutrality (NN) is one such area which ensures development projects don’t increase nutrient levels in river catchments. This proactive approach is crucial in 32 areas suffering from excess nitrates and phosphates. We conduct nutrient credit calculations, site investigations, and develop integrated wetlands. Our comprehensive approach includes competent construction, as well as ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure the longevity and success of these mitigation measures.

We also offer comprehensive services to support Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG), including:

Improved land management for ecosystem restoration

Expert consultation for optimal strategies

Ecological and MoRPh surveys, alongside BNG assessments

In-house design of tailored BNG solutions

Onsite or offsite construction of mitigation areas

Long-term monitoring and maintenance to protect new habitats for at least 30 years

Together, we’re dedicated to enhancing biodiversity and ensuring sustainable ecological outcomes.

For more information on our Natural Capital services, please visit our website:

Biodiversity Net Gain

Nutrient Neutrality


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