Fish Surveys for Thames Water

Our Monitoring team have recently been working with Ricardo on behalf of Thames Water, undertaking routine monitoring works. As part of the works, we returned to a previous client’s residence to perform a fish survey, which we delivered in the backdrop of the oak revetment we installed several years ago.

As part of the fish survey, we electro-fished a 100-metre section of river which was netted off at both ends. We used three anodes to fish the site three times to undertake depletion sampling. The idea behind this is that you catch 60% of fish in the first run, 30% in the second and 10% in third. We recorded species and lengths of each fish caught, before safely returning them back to the watercourse. We then ran the data through a model which gave us predicted numbers each species in that 100-metre section. Species caught included brown trout, grayling, chub, pike, bullhead, minnow and stoneloach.


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