CMDP – JV has contracted FiveRivers on behalf of Southern Water to undertake important ecological work at Horstead Keynes, focusing on the coppicing and translocation of a hazel hedgerow. This ongoing project involves the following key activities:

Coppicing of Hazel Hedge:

The hazel hedge, which measures 40 metres, is being carefully coppiced. This traditional method of woodland management encourages new growth and maintains the health of the hedge.

Translocation to Receptor Site:

Following the coppicing, the hazel hedge will be translocated to a designated receptor site in the adjacent field. This ensures the safety and continuity of the habitat.

Dormouse Habitat Conservation:

The hedge has been identified as suitable habitat for dormice, a protected species. The careful coppicing and relocation efforts aim to preserve and enhance their living environment.

This project not only supports local biodiversity but also demonstrates the commitment to ecological sustainability and species conservation. For more information on these services, please visit: Habitat Translocation | FiveRivers Environmental Consultant (


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