FiveRivers is collaborating with Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust on the Three Rivers Restoration Project. We’ve designed solutions to improve water flows and ecological health for Rainworth Water, Vicar Water, and Bevercotes Beck. 

Our designs included remeandering, bank regrading, offline ponds, and more to enhance river flow and fish passage. This project will transform these rivers, creating vibrant habitats for wildlife. 

Recently, we undertook to a site visit to see our designs having been built by EMEC Ecology on Rainworth Water part of the Idle catchment. It was incredible to see the initial results, the floodplain was much more connected, and the river was given space to breathe from the choking vegetation and excessively straight channel form. With improved water flow and the beginnings of vibrant new habitats forming, the river is already showing signs of ecological improvement, validating our efforts and those of our partners. 

Huge thanks to our team and partners, especially Ellie, Adam, Ian, and Lena, for their dedication and innovation. Their hard work is making a real difference, and we look forward to more positive outcomes as the project progresses. Stay tuned for more updates 

For more information on our services, please visit our service page: River Restoration | FiveRivers Environmental Consultant ( 


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