River Restoration at Lewes Winterbourne

FiveRivers have been working with Southern Water for the last 7 weeks on site at Lewes Winterbourne to complete the design and build river enhancement scheme as part of the Water Resource WINEP AMP7 framework.

The Lewes Winterbourne, a tributary of the River Ouse, is a tidally locked Chalk winterbourne that has historically been both straightened and over-widened for flood mitigation reasons. The work we have undertaken on the Railway Land Wildlife Trust site in Lewes, aims to improve flow heterogeneity by creating a two stage channel, along with long-term ecological benefits to the river by re-introducing natural features and improved public access for the local community to enjoy the river.

As part of this design and build contract FiveRivers undertook works including, detailed designs, taking part in community engagement events to support Southern Water and the local council in delivering key messages of the improvements works, vegetation and selected tree clearance works prior to main works commenced to allow light to the channel for improved habitat biodiversity, creation and installation of berms and deflectors using large woody material and site won material into the channel to narrow the channel and increasing the river flow in localised areas. We have also installed a new boardwalk and gravel path to improve public access.

As part of this scheme, we worked with WSP who delivered ecological surveys for water voles, otters, and bats, as well as the feasibility and outline designs, and Bakerwell who undertook a Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) assessment on the project with results showing this river restoration scheme will deliver 22% BNG.

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