FiveRivers are currently undertaking significant work on the River Wallington, in Waterlooville, a project we are delivering for Grainger PLC on their Berewood development. This project encompasses a series of vital enhancements aimed at improving the river’s ecological health, infrastructure, and overall safety.

Vegetation clearance, Bollard, and Fencing Installation:

Vegetation clearance along the riverbanks to maintain natural water flow and prevent blockages. We are also installing bollards and fencing to ensure the area is safe for wildlife and the local community.

Weir, Boardwalk, and Fencing Repairs:

Essential repairs are being made to the weir, boardwalk, and fencing to enhance water management, accessibility, and safety for visitors, improving the overall natural surroundings.

Installation of Flex MSE and Ditch Profiling:

To address erosion and stability issues, we’re installing Flex MSE (a sustainable vegetated wall system) for durable embankment solutions and performing ditch re-profiling to enhance water flow and reduce flood risks.

Comprehensive Embankment and Headwall Works:

Significant embankment works involving Flex MSE systems and headwall construction are being carried out to control erosion and protect a utility protection slab, ensuring the stability of the riverbank and nearby infrastructure.

Boardwalk Repair and Adjustment:

The boardwalk is being repaired and adjusted to enhance safety and resilience, providing a stable and accessible route for pedestrians and promoting interaction with the river environment.

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