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Wet Civil Engineering Experts

Your go-to expert for sustainable civil engineering solutions.

We are thrilled to share our Wet Civil Engineering page on our website! With over 25 years of experience working in, on, and around water, FiveRivers is your go-to expert for sustainable civil engineering solutions.

Wet civil engineering includes construction and maintenance in or near water bodies like rivers, wetlands, and coastal areas, ensuring environmentally sustainable and compliant solutions. As wet civil engineering experts, FiveRivers can provide you with a solution – from sheet piling to hard engineering fish passes.

Wet civil engineering involves complex challenges, from environmental impacts and regulatory hurdles to technical feasibility and water management. At FiveRivers, we tackle these issues head-on with a team of seasoned designers and constructors, delivering both soft and hard engineered solutions.

Our services include:

  • Site Assessment and Planning: Conducting Environmental Impact Assessments, feasibility studies, and securing necessary permits.
  • Design: Crafting sustainable, detailed designs to meet your specific needs.
  • Project Management: Ensuring thorough planning, stakeholder engagement, and risk assessment.
  • Construction and Implementation: Minimising environmental impact with specialised equipment and expert teams.
  • Monitoring and Maintenance: Upholding standards, safety protocols, and ongoing maintenance.
  • Ecological Restoration and Enhancement: Restoring habitats and boosting biodiversity.

Whether it’s river restoration, wetland creation, fish passage construction, or flood management, FiveRivers is dedicated to ecological integrity, sustainability, and compliance with regulations.

Explore our expertise and learn more about how we can support your wet civil engineering projects. Please visit our Wet Civil Engineering service page for more information.


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