Catchment Scale Assessment

Catchment Scale Assessment

The UK’s rivers are impacted by a range of factors. A catchment-based approach engages different people and groups from communities around the UK to help improve our water environments.

A catchment-based approach is a requirement in order to assess and manage our rivers effectively, looking at the whole system holistically. In order to make effective and informed decisions, a catchment scale requires data. Our team of experts is able to provide technical support in the following areas for delivery of catchment wide improvements:

  • Catchment Scale Walkovers
  • Wet Weather Walkover Surveys
  • Fisheries Surveys
  • Macroinvertebrate Sampling and Analysis
  • Natural Flood Management Walkovers
  • River Habitat Assessments
  • Water Quality Sampling
  • Fisheries Habitat Walkover Assessment

Our ecological surveys are often a necessary element of environmental consents and planning permission applications. When projects are adjacent to areas of water, it is a common requirement to undertake specialist research of the existing environmental situation and how your proposed line of works may affect it in the future. Walkover assessments and data collections are conducted by our team of in-house specialist experts. The end report and analysed results can be used to assist you with different legal assessments and applications.

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We are experts in the assessment and management of aquatic ecosystems. Our knowledge of historic channels, floodplain modification, current land use practices, sediment pathways, flood risk management and how to diffuse pollution, provides us with the right tools to make catchment-based assessments and recommendations.

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