Hydroacoustic Assessment


Hydroacoustics is a highly effective method for collection of scientifically robust data for the assessment of the aquatic environment. Hydrographic survey using accurate, high resolution split beam sonar to study biological organisms and the physical components of the aquatic environment. Hydrographic survey is a cost-effective solution for data collection below the surface, in locations either beyond the reach of traditional techniques or where large areas must be assessed quickly.

Fish Stock Assessment 

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Habitat Assessment 

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Our Biosonics DT-X Extreme split beam transducer has numerous applications. Bespoke survey design ensures that our hydrographic surveys are fit for purpose providing robust data to answer our client’s objectives. Hydroacoustic assessment and its many applications provide a valuable solution for environmental managers and assessors across multiple sectors, providing business critical data for:

  • Water resource management
  • Environmental Permitting
  • Development and construction
  • Mitigation design
  • SSSI Condition Assessment

Fisheries stock assessment

Hydroacoustics fish stock assessment is an efficient tool for quantitative baseline data collection of fish stock. A boat mounted mobile approach allows for assessment of large waterbodies and reaches to be rapidly and accurately assessed using minimum resource when compared to traditional methodology (i.e. Electric Fishing). Mobile hydrographic survey is a vital tool for the assessment of fish number (density) and size in lakes and large rivers to determine:

  • Population estimates
  • Size distribution
  • Habitat utilisation

When used in conjunction with fish survey methods to determine species a complete and scientifically robust understanding of the fish community and population dynamics can be determined for large waterbodies. This information is essential for species conservation and monitoring, management of operational assets and mitigation design. Our range of boats allows us to access and assess a range of locations and waterbodies, not matter how remote. Our fisheries professionals provide bespoke survey design, data interpretation and specialist consultation for environmental consenting and regulator communication, contact us to discuss your project requirements.



Habitat mapping

Quickly visualise and map large areas of habitat to develop detailed knowledge of to inform and support management and mitigation decisions of water bodies. An efficient method producing outputs that detail water depth and bathymetry, aquatic plant distribution and coverage and substrate type (i.e. silt, gravel, clay). We provide survey of inland and near shore waterbodies for a range of sectors, a useful tool for;

  • River profiling for flood management assessment
  • River restoration monitoring
  • Large scale fish spawning habitat assessment
  • Vegetation community assessment
  • Impact assessment and mitigation design