Fish Rescue and Removal

fish rescue

Fish rescue is an important and often overlooked element when carrying out river diversions

Fish rescue or fish removal is an important element of any construction project involving the dewatering of rivers, canals and lakes and are usually stipulated as part of regulatory consents. Projects involving bridge repairs, culvert repairs, river re-alignments and lock repairs may require a fish rescue. Wild fish populations are protected by UK and EU legislation, consequently mitigation should be factored in to projects where fish are likely to be impacted. Fish may need rescuing for two reasons, due to low flow conditions in rivers, or prior to the proposed dewatering of the aquatic environment for construction, repair or maintenance.

The most common method of fish removal is electric fishing (also known as electro fishing), for which we conform with the Environment Agency (EA) Code of Practice. Our team leads have extensive electric fishing experience, and all operatives are trained in-house to rigorous standards and hold current CSCS cards. We have a range of survey equipment to cover any eventuality.

We are a specialist contractor and our staff have extensive experience of working on construction sites. We unsure a high level of professionalism and safety is maintained at all times. All relevant PPE is provided, and regularly inspected to ensure full functionality.

Fish are caught and kept in oxygenated containers, depending on the site fish can either be moved by hand or via purpose built tanks mounted on an off-road vehicle. We are certified for BS ISO 14001 ensuring a high level of environmental awareness and risk management. All generators and water pumps are placed on plant nappies to ensure no contamination of the site.

Fish removals will require consent to use the equipment whether electric fishing, seine net or fyke net and potentially a consent to introduce fish into a new watercourse. We can provide full liaison with regulatory bodies and apply for all necessary consents saving you time and money. On some occasions a fish health check may be required, we can arrange sample collection and get a health check carried out by an Environment Agency approved fishery expert.

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