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fish surveying


electric fishing survey

We offer significant experience and expertise in electric fishing surveys

We offer a multitude of fish survey services which include fisheries sampling and monitoring for freshwater fish population. Our depth of experience ensure that we are able to collect robust data in all of the UK’s freshwater environments. Our services include;

  • Electric fishing survey (sometimes referred to as electro fishing survey)
  • Seine netting / Fyke netting
  • Fisheries habitat assessment
  • Fish removal / fish rescue
  • Specialist fishery investigations

Our knowledge of fish behavioural ecology allows us to design and deliver fish surveys that meets our client’s specific objectives. We can provide species targeted surveys (E.g. Lamprey survey, eel survey, bullhead survey, parr survey) or population surveys (quantitative, semi-quantitative fishery surveys or qualitative). We deliver Water Framework Directive (WFD) compliant surveys to ensure data standardisation. We are highly experienced in delivering high quality and competitively priced electric fishing surveys on a wide range of watercourses.

holding-fishPlanning applications within sites designated for species such as lamprey, shad, vendace may require a specialist fish survey or habitat appraisal. As a specialist contractor we have experience of delivering these often bespoke services.



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