FlexMSE Approved Supplier and Installer

The FlexMSE Vegetated Wall System is a unique patented engineering solution for vegetated retaining walls and erosion control. Using mechanically stabilised earth (MSE) principles along with geotextile technology, the combination of nonwoven FlexMSE bags and patented interlocking gripper plates allows for strong and easy to install geomodular block structures. Five Rivers are approved suppliers, and our specialist staff are fully accredited to carry out installation.



River, stream and canal revetments

Lake and reservoir erosion protection


Vegetated headwalls

Retaining walls


The sustainable and environmental option

FlexMSE is a fully recycled, non toxic product. Installations use 97% less green house gases over comparably sized concrete blocks. The flexible units can be easily adjusted to fit around trees and bedrock. FlexMSE bags are filled with sand and soil, and the bags are water and root permeable. This makes them an ideal planter block for many types of vegetation, including grasses, ground cover, flowers, vines and shrubs.

FlexMSE walls can be hydroseeded or live planted. Five Rivers have experience designing and installing FlexMSE solutions for a range of environments – call us today to discuss your needs.


A cost effective approach

FlexMSE is a permanent solution that lasts almost twice as long as concrete. The cost of installation is around 60% lower than concrete, and it can be installed faster than conventional walls.

Five Rivers can provide unfilled bags, or FlexMSE bags filled with a sand and soil mixture. 1000 square feet of unfilled FlexMSE units can be sent on a single pallet. Savings in machine, material and transportation costs make FlexMSE an obvious choice to generate project cost savings. Five Rivers can assist with smaller shipments, and integrating FlexMSE into larger projects.

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