FiveRivers and Affinity Water Framework Progress

FiveRivers is pleased to announce the successful completion of the first stages of scoping and outline designs for the Affinity Water AMP7 river restoration framework.

FiveRivers was awarded places on Lots 1 (Design) and 2 (Construction) in April 2020. The framework is a series of projects across approximately fourteen river catchments, in the Affinity Water region. Works include, scoping, feasibility studies, outline and detailed design and construction of both large and small scale improvements.

For each project area identified through scoping activities, we look to present a number of different options for consideration based on our feasibility studies and concept design recommendations. Once discussed with all parties, and one concept design shortlisted, this design option is taken forward through the outline and detailed design process for construction.

On Lot 2, FiveRivers has completed construction of a scheme designed in AMP6 on the River Misbourne in Amersham. The project excavated a new 150m sinuous channel within the floodplain and infilled the existing perched channel whilst improving instream habitat over 300m. We have also been awarded in-channel habitat works on the River Beane at Watton-at-Stone which we hope to deliver in early 2023.

FiveRivers Programme Manager, Sarah-Jayne Squires, said ‘We have enjoyed working in partnership with Affinity Water, supporting them in their environmental obligations under WINEP. This important work ensures rivers are more resilient to low flows during low groundwater periods, as well as benefitting from improved river habitat and water quality. It has been exciting to work with landowners and stakeholders, engaging them in the improvement of these important habitats and bringing them on the journey of the project development. It is extremely satisfying to have the opportunity to develop these schemes from concept through to construction in-house.’

Nic Gilbert, River Restoration Programme Manager at Affinity Water, said ‘With FiveRivers support, we have made a good start on meeting our environmental obligations to revitalise chalk streams. Affinity Water appreciate the commitment, energy, and innovation that FiveRivers have brought to our programme. We look forward to completing more river restoration projects with FiveRivers.’

We are also supporting Affinity Water by taking part in community engagement events across their region to showcase the works being carried out in the local area and the benefits they will bring.

We have completed restoration works within the AMP7 framework in 2020. Working with Affinity Water, FiveRivers completed restoration of a 1.14KM stretch of the River Misbourne in Amersham.

Why FiveRivers?

FiveRivers is a leading industry specialist in the consultation, design and delivery of ecological and environmental solutions. With over 25 years’ experience of working with nature, our expertise encompasses terrestrial and aquatic habitats, with a particular passion for rivers and wetlands.

Our services deliver environmental protection, enhancement and restoration through ecological mitigation, habitat improvement and environmental monitoring. A specialist of choice, FiveRivers delivers innovative, sensitive, and leading solutions across all sectors.

With extensive experience working with water utility companies carrying out design, build and monitoring projects including river restoration, erosion protection and water quality monitoring. To discuss your AMP8 requirements, contact Jacob Dew today.

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