FiveRivers has sustainable approach in delivering nature based solution

Nature based solutions – delivered sustainably.

We are an organisation dedicated to environmental improvements and monitoring of ecosystems, with a heavy focus on delivery of nature-based solutions.  We’ve been reviewing our own environmental impact and have made a commitment to ensure the great work that we do is delivered in the most sustainable way possible.

In 2020 we created an employee led focus group called the Peat Boggers, made up of volunteers from across the company they explore ways we can reduce our environmental footprint. A key output from this was to measure and reduce our carbon footprint through the Achilles Carbon Reduce Scheme, which we joined later that year.

When asked ‘why did you want to be part of the Peat Boggers?’ this is what Tyrone Philips said.

We are part of the Achilles Carbon Reduce Scheme

“Ever since starting at FiveRivers, I have always valued our culture and how receptive senior members of staff are to new ideas. Peat Boggers offers a great platform for me to discuss and develop these ideas with other like-minded colleagues from all areas of our business.

Through my time at other companies, I have always found that a lot of innovative ideas come up in discussions between colleagues, unfortunately these are often never passed on to those that can make a change. By acting as a formal group Peat Boggers helps to prevent these valuable ideas being lost or forgotten about, so we can make real change together at FiveRivers.”

Achilles Carbon Reduce Scheme is the UK’s only certified scheme in accordance with ISO 14064-1. Through this we are measuring, managing and minimalizing our greenhouse gas emissions using a standardised

and audited methodology.  FiveRivers have been accredited for ISO14001 since 2014, the Carbon Reduce certification builds on this strong foundation.

Our commitment to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions are well underway:

  • Earlier this year we switched all plant and machinery to HVO fuels instead of red diesel, this is set to reduce our CO2 emissions by 85%.
  • We have started the move to a more environmentally conscious fleet, replacing petrol and diesel cars with electric vehicles or if not feasible then moving to more fuel-efficient vehicles. We also offer an electric vehicle salary sacrifice scheme to all staff.
  • With our hybrid and home working policy we have dramatically reduced emissions relating to commuting, not to mention saving people time each day. Car sharing and use of public transport is promoted.
  • On site, we use solar pods to run our offices, canteen and toilet facilities.

FiveRivers also understand that it is the small things that can also make a huge difference, on every site we have waste and recycling facilities, we are collecting rainwater to use on our biosecurity wash bay. Sustainability is integral to our values and feature heavily within our business planning.  Our current focus is on reducing, however we are committed to offset any residual carbon to be Carbon Neutral by 2023.

We are specialists in the design and construction of river and wetland enhancement schemes, by reducing materials coming on and off site early on in the design process we can massively reduce the impact of projects.  So not only can we deliver vital ecosystem services and biodiversity gain for our clients, but we also do it in the most sustainable way possible.

To learn more about how we are making a difference, head over to our case studies page.


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