As leading industry specialists in ecological and environmental solutions, we at FiveRivers are the number-one choice for aquatic ecology services.

Our team of aquatic specialists provide baseline monitoring for all aquatic disciplines across the UK to industry standards and recognised best practice, providing essential data to inform environmental protection, enhancement and management.

We are proud to provide robust data collection, analysis and reporting services that you can rely on, offering cost effective aquatic ecology solutions without compromising on quality. We work with a diverse range of clients, including government departments and charities, to ensure that any decision made which may impact aquatic ecosystems is based on sound scientific evidence you can trust.

Our aquatic ecology experts can work with you to design bespoke monitoring programmes, including regulator consultation, to address your specific project or investigation objectives, ensuring a right first-time approach to prevent wider project delays. Habitat assessment, walkover and scoping surveys are an essential first step that our superb team of aquatic ecology specialists offer to guarantee a monitoring programme is fit for purpose and meets all regulatory and project objectives.

We offer the full range of biological survey, analysis and reporting services, including but not limited to assessment of macroinvertebrate communities, macrophytes, diatoms and phytoplankton. Our knowledge and experience in aquatic ecology ensure that our team can advise you on the most appropriate survey methods, and can also provide our services in conjunction with fisheries and environmental monitoring.

Our superb ecology specialists will provide exceptional service for any of your aquatic needs, no matter where you’re based.

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FiveRivers' aquatic ecologist during an ecological survey
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What is aquatic ecology?

Aquatic ecology is the study of how organisms such as freshwater invertebrates (bugs), macrophytes (large plants), diatoms (algae) interact with each other in aquatic environments such as estuaries, rivers and wetlands.

Understanding what is below the surface, the quality and nature of adjacent habitats and surrounding land use provide essential information required to protect, enhance and maintain this valuable resource for people and wildlife. Our aquatic ecologists work with our fisheries experts and environmental monitoring teams to provide a comprehensive service.

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Three members of FiveRivers’ aquatic ecology team during an ecological survey
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Why is aquatic ecology important?

Aquatic ecology, also known as an ecological survey, can tell us much about an ecosystem, such as its health or what type of habitat it may contain. A healthy aquatic environment offers numerous ecosystem services, such as reducing the impact of flooding and providing clean drinking water. Healthy rivers are vital for wildlife, individuals, and communities. The high-quality ecology data collected by our experts provides a crucial baseline of waterbody condition, helping drive forwards improvements in the overall health of our varied waterbodies.

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Aquatic Ecology
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When is the best time of year for aquatic ecology services to be carried out?

The study of aquatic ecology must be undertaken during defined sampling or survey seasons for each discipline. Understanding these potential timing constraints early in project lifecycle is essential to guarantee project success; our aquatic ecology specialists can advise on the best season for your project to help ensure there are no delays to your programme.

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