Riparian Landowners

River Bank Repairs

Five Rivers Environmental carry out a wide variety of projects for riparian landowners. We undertake projects for individual clients on private land and estates and projects as part of HLS Environmental Stewardship schemes. We have particular experience of designing and installing sustainable revetments on riverside properties to protect against unwanted erosion. Private clients have seen considerable success in engaging us to carry out land maintenance, through design and provision of ecological maintenance programmes tailored to their individual needs. Five Rivers offers the following gardening and landscaping services:

riverbank protection

Native marginal plant species being installed in front of oak cladding bank revetment

Riverbank Protection

We are a specialist contractor with extensive experience of protecting riverside properties and issues with riverbank erosion and property flooding.

Five Rivers have carried out numerous river bank protection works since we started in the mid-1990s. Our expertise in river works ensures we can provide you with a solution that protects your property and is sympathetic to biodiversity. We regularly install river revetments ranging from hard (oak revetment or retaining wall) to soft, which may involve re-grading and establishment of native plants. We utilise pre-planted coir rolls to ensure any revetment establishes as quickly as possible, enabling root structures to stabilise the banks. Quite often a mixture of hard and soft revetments is used, particularly in sites designated as a SAC or SSSI. Our oak cladding to cut to order from sustainably managed forests.

Works will usually require an Environment Agency Flood Defence Consent (FDC). We can obtain this on your behalf and produce all relevant drawings and method statements. Please contact us for more information.


Bridges and Structures

water control structures

Water control structures

water structures

Steps and other structures

pond dipping platform

Angling and pond dipping platforms

hatches and hatch mechanisms

Hatches and hatch mechanisms

We provide a wide range of pedestrian bridges and water control structures for riverside properties. We can install and carry out maintenance on a range of hatches and sluices.


land management

Fully qualified and experianced tree climbers

Land Management

Five Rivers has undertaken many HLS capital works projects to improve biodiversity and habitats whilst assisting land owners to deliver effective environmental management over the whole land holding.

Five Rivers has the capability to carry out tree works from commercial woodland felling and coppicing to tree surgery on garden trees. Timber felling is planned to maximise commercial gain and all works are carried out by skilled & certificated operatives.

Hedge-laying provides a substantial land boundary but also valuable hedgerow habitat. In-house skilled craftsmen carry out hedge laying. Five Rivers has completed many small and large scale planting schemes of native and ornamental woodland. We will advise on planting mixes and locations.

Five Rivers carries out pesticide application and invasive species control for a variety of plants in all habitats. Five Rivers trained operatives, with ATV & boom sprayer if required, carry out this work.

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