Coalville, Leicestershire April - June 2016 Walters Group / Aggregate Industries

FiveRivers experts were brought in when an area of unimproved mesotrophic grassland was at risk from quarry expansion works in Leicestershire.

We successfully translocated 8000m² of this important lowland wet grassland to a carefully re-created receptor site. Five Rivers used our extensive experience of turf translocation to ensure as much of this species-rich grassland was retained as possible. While on site we also carried out works to enhance and connect a river diversion, to increase in channel diversity.

Turf translocation
Project requirements


  • Translocation of 8000m2 of lowland wet grassland to allow facilitate extension of quarry
  • Excavation of receptor to site to replicate conditions at donor site. Removal and stockpiling of 4000m3 of material.
  • Construction of 800m stone and bog mat haul road to facilitate movement of materials at this challenging site
  • Works to enhance and connect by-pass channel to the River Sence
  • Installation of control structure to allow seasonal flooding of grassland
  • Provision of a suitably qualified ecologist to supervise works



Turf translocation
Our approach

Key remarks

  • All works completed ahead of schedule
  • Bespoke turf cutting forks used to ensure minimal loss of material
  • Our knowledge over rivers enabled us to add significant value to a previously dug river diversion channel.
  • To see more of our habitat translocation services click here or get in touch.


Turf translocation
Project outcomes


  • 8000m2 of unimproved mesotrophic grassland preserved
  • In stream habitat of River Sence greatly improved


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