Project Update – River Restoration at Towngate Pond on the Isle of Wight

FiveRivers have recently completed works on the Lukely Brook at Towngate Pond on the Isle of Wight, part of a large scheme of works commissioned by Southern Water to improve the Lukely Brook under their Water Industry National Environment Programme (WINEP) for the Environment Agency.

FiveRivers have already completed works earlier this year at Froglands Stream, and last year at Horse Paddock and Plaish Meadows, all to improve the ecology of the Lukely Brook and make it more resilient to environmental change by improving flows and water depths. Operating as Principal Contractor, we worked collaboratively with Southern Water and designers Atkins, to remove an existing blockstone weir, along with associated bank regrading and reinstatement of eroded channel margins with site won materials. We installed pre-planted coir rolls along the reinstated margins to improve the biodiversity and to protect against further erosion. The removed blockstone weir was repurposed on site to create a seating area for park users.

Southern Waters, Richard Gamble said this about the project ‘After several years of planning it’s great to see such a big transformation be delivered to Towngate Pond on behalf of Southern Waters Lukely Brook and Plaish Meadows WINEP project, improving both the geomorphological function of the Lukely Brook through the removal of the weir that was preventing fish passage and stabilising the bank erosion that was getting worse over time, and making the watercourse more ecologically resilient with extensive new vegetation. We hope the new seating areas will allow the public to more easily access and connect with the watercourse, along with a new information board due to be installed shortly. Thanks to FiveRivers for their hard work on this project’.

About FiveRivers

FiveRivers is a leading industry specialist in the monitoring, consultation, design, and delivery of ecological and environmental nature-based solutions. With over 25 years’ working with nature, our expertise encompasses terrestrial and aquatic habitats with a specific passion for rivers and wetlands.

Our services deliver environmental protection, enhancement and restoration through environmental and ecological monitoring. ecological mitigation and habitat improvement. and A specialist of choice, FiveRivers delivers innovative, sensitive, and leading solutions across all sectors.

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