Environmental Management Solutions

Five Rivers Environmental Contracting Limited is dedicated to nature conservation and habitat creation, restoration and management. We have carried out environmental consulting and contracting works for the last twenty years and specialise in works that require thought and careful consideration of the particular site constraints. All projects are delivered on time and within budget whilst enjoying the experience and confidence of a subject matter expert in the field.

The majority of our work is carried out in restricted sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and, as such, we are continually striving to deliver projects within ecological best practices. To this end, all works are carried out in compliance with all environmental standards and legislation and Five Rivers continues to enjoy its standing as an accredited ISO14001 business.

Environmental Design & Consultancy

Design & Consultancy

Five Rivers Environmental Contracting has been designing ecological management works for the private and public sector for the last twenty years.


Rivers & Wetland Management

Rivers & Wetland

Five Rivers Environmental Contracting has an extensive appreciation and proven track record in river and wetland restoration and creation.


Pond Building & Lake Construction

Ponds & Lakes

Five Rivers Environmental boasts an extensive in-house knowledge in the design and management of ponds, lakes and wetland features .


Grassland & Heathland Management

Grassland & Heathland

Five Rivers Environmental has an extensive knowledge in working and managing diverse and unique grassland habitats.


Woodland Management


Five Rivers Environmental Contracting has over twenty years proven experience in woodland management, maintenance and creation.


Private Land & Estate Management

Private Riparian Clients

Five Rivers Environmental Contracting has over twenty years’ experience in land management works working for both the public and private client.


Landscape Scale Works

Landscape Scale Works

Five Rivers Environmental Contracting has the depth of knowledge, experience and vision to deliver projects on a larger landscape scale.


Environmental Management Plan

Management Plans

Five Rivers Environmental has a track record of writing and delivering management plans to enhance and restore habitats.




Water Vole training for Five Rivers Staff – July 2015

We take our role as an environmental contractor very seriously and as such have a program of staff training and development to ensure our staff have a good awareness of protected species, survey techniques and mitigation.   This week we invited an experienced water vole ecologist in to talk to us about legislation, mitigation and… Read more »

Case Studies

Innovative Bank Protection on River Avon SAC

Working for a private client we ensured this property was protected from high flows while creating vital habitat on the River Avon SAC.  Banks were eroding causing trees to be washed into the river, increasing flood risk downstream.  By utilising large woody debris on site and re-profiling banks we ensured that the property will be protected... Read more »