Enabling works for Green River Revetment in Salisbury

oak revetment

We have been busy carrying out enabling works in centre of Salisbury prior to replacement of 180m oak revetment with a mixture of soft, semi-soft and hard revetments.  This will increase bank protection and improve habitat for a wide range of species that utilise this important marginal zone.  These sympathetic tree works will allow more light in to the river edge, and allow the range of native marginal plants we install to thrive and hold the banks together.  This site is in a Conservation Zone, and Special Area of Conservation so careful consultation has taken place with all stakeholders over the last twelve months.  We are looking forward to getting back in the summer and finishing the works, especially working so close to home!  Click here for more details of services we offer for private riparian clients, and please get in touch if you’d like us to help with your riverside property.



New Forest Clearance Works

Five Rivers Clearance Project

Five Rivers have been busy carrying out clearance of natural regeneration and invasive woody species at multiple sites in the New Forest over the last couple of months, what a great place to be working!

Habitat restoration work is undertaken for the Forestry Commission (FC) to maintain these important habitats in good condition, which is necessary for continued Special Area of Conservation (SAC) designation.


Otters Feeding on Non-native Crayfish

River Otter Diet

Signal crayfish Pacifastacus leniusculus remains found in Otter spraint at Breamore on the Hampshire Avon.  By looking at prey remains in river otter spraints ecologists are able to gain valuable insights into the diet of this enigmatic mammal.  This otter had been feeding on perch, small pike and small mammals as well as the non-native invasive signal crayfish.

Signal crayfish have been in the Hampshire Avon for a number of years now but are yet to reach the numbers found in other catchments such as the Kennet and Lee. North American crayfish species carry a fungus like organism known as crayfish plague which has decimated our native crayfish populations across the UK.  Five Rivers are able to provide Natural England licenced ecologists to survey for White-clawed crayfish Austropotamobius pallipes, please get in touch to discuss how we can help.

Down By the River…

Riverfly Population

Making the most of the sunshine today, a few members of the Five Rivers team popped down to the river to help Mel with her Riverfly Monitoring.
With a BSc degree in Wildlife and Countryside Management Mel enjoys an active role in protecting the health of the local rivers by monitoring riverfly populations.  Five Rivers offer a macroinvertebrate sample collection and analysis service.  Contact us for more details.

Dinner For One

Otter Salmon 2016_opt

On a recent walk along the banks of the River Nadder we found this hen fish whose long migratory journey has ended abruptly but not in vain; providing a food source for a thriving river Otter population.

Its great to see so many Salmon in the river this year – lets hope its a good sign for the future.


Happy New Year

Scott (600x800)

We’d like to wish all our customers a happy new year, and we look forward to working with you all again in 2016.  We’ve got interesting projects lined up over the next couple of months including River Restoration and Forestry works.  This week we’re busy in the New Forest helping clear natural regeneration from the Heath.  This forms part of our wider work for the Forestry Commission to protect and enhance the  important habitats found in the New Forest.

Merry Christmas to All

Website Xmas News 2015

Five Rivers office is now closed for the holidays, but don’t worry we’ll be back on the 4th January ready to discuss your exciting projects for 2016!

Five Rivers has certainly had a busy year. New members of staff have joined the team at Meadow Barn; Adam and Mel. We have continued to invest in our staff with training to keep us pushing the boundaries of best practice. Meadow Barn itself has undergone a major transformation, with the upstairs space transformed into a lovely, cosy, warm office! A state of art new kitchen has been fitted downstairs and the boys now have luxury welfare facilities including a beautiful drying room, which has made working in this wet weather a sheer pleasure! We have invested in new specialist machinery specifically for our ecological works.

We have worked on some of the countries highest profile rivers, and have implemented some great new techniques and designs which we are looking forward to building on. As well as our river works we have completed our Year 1 contract with the Forestry Commission and helped to restore some of Europe’s rarest Mire habitats. As well as these works we have been involved in ecological mitigation, moving, saving, and enhancing some equally rare habitats.

2016 is looking to be potentially our best year ever, with a substantial amount of repeat business already booked into our work programme.

To all our old, new and potential customers we wish you all a merry festive season.

Picture above: Future Director of Five Rivers; Fynn to take over at 28 – subject to going to bed on time!


Appointment of Five Rivers Administrator – Mel Thompson

Melanie Thompson

Five Rivers is delighted to announce the arrival of Mel who has joined the  team as Office Administrator. Mel has recently completed her BSc in Conservation and Wildlife Management and is looking to further her understanding of the environmental contracting sector.



Pensthorpe Revisited

Five Rivers staff recently re-visited a three year river restoration project on the River Wensum SAC. It was great to see that channel narrowing and bed raising works have led to increased sinuosity and habitat diversity.

These visits will inform further Wensum restoration works starting in September 2015.

River Wensum


River Wensum in Norfolk


River Restoration