Five Rivers Moving Upstairs 20 April 2015

Please be advised that we will be moving upstairs into our newly refurbished Barn from Monday. Please bear with us throughout the week whilst we manage the transfer to the very best of our abilities. All numbers, e-mail and our address will remain so please do contact us and we shall get back to you promptly.

Meadow Barn Renovation Works Continue…

photo 4-Optimized

Five Rivers  has enjoyed it’s location in Lower Woodford for the last couple of years. Company expansion has, however, brought about the need for the Barn to grow in order to continue to accommodate us. As such, we are now entering week six of the highly exciting Meadow Barn Redevelopment!

Many thanks to the on-going commitment and impressive attention to detail of all those involved. We are not only looking forward to enjoying Meadow Barn restored to her former glory but also celebrating the wealth of local skills that will have been utilised throughout the process.

Many thanks also to Valley Ales for the unique Five Rivers Ale that will be brewed in honour of celebrating the renovations!!

Five Rivers Environmental Meadow BarnFive Rivers Environmental Meadow Barn Five Rivers Environmental Meadow Barn Five Rivers Environmental Meadow Barn

Caught on Camera! Otter Spotted at River Restoration Site

Otter 2


This site on the River Avon near Salisbury was restored just over one year ago by Five Rivers Environmental for the benefit of local wildlife. The landowner was given a trail camera for Christmas and almost instantly captured these images.

Signs of river otter had already been reported in the area but these photos really do confirm our suspicions in a spectacular way!

Calcareous Turf Translocation

Calcareous grassland translocation in Carterton, Oxfordshire to save this precious resource from an area highlighted for residential development.